Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mr Nice Guy Incense

Mr Nice Guy Incense

This used to be one of my favorite blends in the entire industry. I used to buy Mr Nice Guy Incense out near Tampa in my local head shop. It then started branching out to local gas stations as well. 

Mr Nice Guy Incense was on every single shelf in every store around my area. It was an extremely prevalent blend, and because of that it also became heavily duplicated and counterfeited. This also angered the original owner and creator of Mr Nice Guy Incense. There was some crazy circumstances where the original maker of Mr Nice Guy apparently attacked someone he knew, because he found out he was making a counterfeit herbal incense blend using his companies name. 

This attack turned the maker of Mr Nice Guy Incense in jail and later on he got into more trouble over the incense. It seems like the original Mr Nice Guy Incense sold his blends as legal highs and ended up pleading guilty for criminal charges.

His blend continued being sold in different packaging and each blend was different as well since they were all counterfeit. 

Mr Happy Incense was created after Mr Nice Guy Incense, which is what I would recommend now since the authentic Mr Nice Guy will be lost forever.

Mr Happy Incense

Mr Happy Incense
mr happy incense
Mr Happy Incense is one of the best herbal incense blends on the market. Mr Happy was created as a joke to Mr Nice Guy Incense, but many people ended up loving the Mr Happy Incense blend way more than the original Mr Nice Guy Incense. 

The effects of this incense blend are extremely euphoric and that is why it is called Mr Happy. It makes me feel great when I burn this particular blend and the smoke is very sweet and tasty. Although Mr Nice Guy Incense was one of my all time favorites, Mr Happy Incense has exceeded their quality in every way. 

I really like to burn Mr Happy Incense in the morning because it has an uplifting and energetic effect. It gets me going in the morning and helps me to wake up. I really hate going to work most of the time, but whenever I enjoy some Mr Happy Incense in the morning before time it makes my work day go so much easier. 

Herbal Incense has come a long way in the last 6 years, and Mr Happy Incense is proof of that.